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A simple girl that adores her family, loves cooking and a nutritionist that’s trying to promote awareness about nutrition and healthy life style :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Am different

ليس ذنبي أن العقول صغيره أمآم فهمي ‘ ..! وليس ذنبهم / أن فهمي صعب .. !
كل مآ ادركه أن لي قنآعآت لا تقبل القسمه‘ على اثنين ..! ولا تقبل الجزر والمد ..!
ولآ تقبل أن تكون مش‘ـآبهه لـ‘ قنآعآت للأخرين ..! أنآ مختلفه‘‘
طبعآ ليس لـ ألافضل ... وليس لـ الأسوء‘
ولكني‘ أختلف ‘‘

Monday, October 18, 2010

Leqafa syndrome

Am a very quit person, I never ask questions, I never ask why you did this or that, I just hate interfering with other peoples life`s. if a person comes to me and ask me any question or to do something I would do it without even thinking about it, I know it's stupid but that’s me! I really cannot handle it anymore; it's getting very annoying, before maybe because I was too busy to notice it but now am free! And things are getting clearer for me.
Personal life is for the person who`s living it! And what happens in it he/she and his/her family should know about it unless he/she talks about it otherwise its none of your business!

Now I want to relate it to nutrition, for all malaqef in my life! Starting from this moment, stop being malaqef because once etalaiqfoon weyay you will not be pleased with my answer and this will cause you emotional stress which will lead to eating! And yeah at the end you will gain weight because of me :D

Facebook AGAIN!

Facebook keeps on surprising me daily! KHA6ABA! Seriously ? no really are you serious? No comment! I really don’t know what to say! We started with * sweet cup cakes, cute headbands, lovely wara2 3enab, yummy wraps* selling home-made food! and now the new trend is KHA6ABA? I can only imagine couples getting married through a KHA6ABA on Facebook and when their kids grow up and ask mama how did you meet baba? The mother answers, well a KHA6ABA added me on facebook! O wafeqat rasain bel 7alal!

Here and there

Can't wait for winter to come! I miss grilled corn at chalet.

Reports, I still wonder why I always get full marks in my reports but when it comes to the final grade everything changes!

though the picture is not clear, but it's clear that it’s a LIST of F`s ;p alla esam7ch dr.noriya 75% of the class failed!

My final grade at KU, A- :D I wanted an A bs na7asat el Dr 3ad.

I love this, by ahlam mustaghnami

5 years of accomplishments (:
First graduation cup cakes! Thank you my lovely M :*

3afwan? Ana darast 5 years sh7qa !?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pesto pasta salad with grilled mushrooms and parmesan ;)

2 cups o basil
4tbs of oilve oil
1/2tsp salt
1 garlic clove
1/2 tsp black peper
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
2 tbs lemon 2 tbs nesait esma LOL :/ 9nobar! i hope chthe esma :S pine nuts in english ;p
1 cup of fresh chopped mushrooms
3 cups of cooked pasta, i used regular pasta but next time am doing it am using whole grain

mix everything bel blender then mix it with the pasta and leave it for an hour at least, grill the mushrooms with some blackpepper, add it on top with some freshly grated parmesan.

Enjoy :)

عفواً رجـآل آلـعـْآلـمّ ..حظاً أوفَر

أعرف رجلا

افسدني بدلاله يراني شمسه
و قمره

هذا الرجل

حملني من الأرض

وأسكنني فوق

و جعلني فتاةمدللة

قد يكون هو سر حزني و ألمي

لكن الاكيد انه سر

أعرف رجلا افسدني بحبه

يسقيني حبا

و يطعمني حنانا

أعرف رجلا يؤلمه ان

لمسني الهواء

ويكسره ان اقترب مني رجلا

ادعوا الاله ان يحميه لي ويبقيه في دنياي

يشاركني كل لحظات حياتي

‏​‏​عفواً رجـآل آلـعـْآلـمّ ..حظاً أوفَر .. لَستُم مثَل أبي


Beirut! Amazing city I love it! I love everything about it, the weather, their food and of course their shopping malls! We usually spend eid al adha vication there but this year we are not going :( Because………… am going to 7aaaaaaaaaaaaaj ;D I can't wait to go to 7aj! Am very very excited! back to beirut ;p o I`ll keep you with some pic`s I snapped during are previous visits to Beirut.

`esh6a eb3asal! @ Moneer!

Kebbe Mashweye! ;p BEST fattosh ever at Jenna!

Elie Sa`ab Boutique the view from
my room ;p

I wanted to add more pic`s bs madre shfeeh its very slow :/ i`ll add them later! :)